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windswept hair

Ahri Foxx: meaning curious daydreamer


What inspires us

My inspiration comes from places, events & people (that’s you guys!) that remind me of a certain experience. Just like how there are certain smells can take you back, that’s what I aim to recreate in the pieces I make. 

It’s Personal

My mum left me a necklace which I wear almost everyday. Its small and light, almost not noticeable, but something I always keep close to the heart. Its the keepsakes that can be passed down. The stories that come with it. And its about making it personal. 

Why we do what we do 

I hand-make each piece délicat because I believe in the less is more approach. Sometimes slight glint and sparkle is all you need to express yourself. Each piece is an individual addition to your own style. Ahri Foxx sells directly to you guys which is how we keep our prices low.  And that’s what we prefer, for you to tell your stories and express yourself how you want. 

In the end, it’s all because of you…

I love the idea that something handmade is just the beginning of the story, you fill in the rest…


jewellery making


Each piece is handmade in Melbourne, Australia…but inspired by every corner of the world