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90s inspired

Our favourite era is definitely the 90s, which we always go back to when looking for inspiration in our pieces. The discovery of cool girls, denim, dungarees and graphic shirts. We always love watching those early Friends episodes and putting our own modern twist on them. Here’s some of our favourites:

The Slip Dress

90s inspired fashion
Image via Pinterest

Graphic shirt

90's inspired fashion outfits
Image via Pinterest

Denim Mix

90s inspired fashion
Image via Pinterest

Basic shirts

Cool girls from the 90's
Image via Pinterest

Summer days with friends

90s inspired fashion shirts
Image via Pinterest
90s inspired outfits fashion
Image via Pinterest

Moody Florals

Who says you can’t wear black in Spring? Here’s some Inspiration on how to wear our favourite trend this season.

moody floral black dress
Image via With Love from Kat
Spring Playsuit moody black florals
Image via Ahri Foxx

Our dainty necklaces stacked with a floral playsuit



Floral bomber jacket
Image via Pinterest

Though we love the flirty and bright colours spring offers, this cute twist makes it easier to flirt your way from day to night. And our favourite part? It can be layered all year round. Pair with stockings in winter and pastels in summer.


moody floral outfit ideas
Image via Vanessa Jackman
black dark moody floral shorts
Image via Pinterest

Win your own personalised Ahri Foxx vegan leather pouch with wristlet

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Vegan Leather Bags + Personalised Monogramming

We are so excited to have launched our new range of Vegan Leather pieces and Personalised Monogramming bags.

Vegan Leather Crossbody Personalised Bag
Our Vegan Crossbody Bag in our favourite Retro Monogram font

Our decision was to head toward a more cruelty free option for our bags. We believe that fashion doesn’t have to be at the expense of our favourite four legged friends. There are plenty of options and yes, we’ve all heard that genuine leather wears better, but we believe with enough love and care, any piece can maintain longevity. We love the personalised monogramming options as well as it kinda makes us want to take that little extra care on our pieces.


Vegan leather personalised bags cruelty free
Our new faux leather pieces are cruelty free.

We went with 4 different fonts to appeal to everyone. We love how versatile we can make our bags and each one is uniquely different. How can it get any better? You can choose different colours.

Personalised luxe vegan leather pouches
Our versatile font range

Check out our our customised monogramming options and personalise your bags now.

Minimal Packaging, Maximum Impact

One of my all time favourite things to do is wrap up gifts for people. If I could, I would spend my time just wrapping presents for everyone, because sometimes that’s half the fun of giving! Which is why it was so important when we thought about packaging our own line of jewellery.

I wanted to move away from the usual drawstring case and make something that enhanced the minimal lifestyle everyone craves today.  Looking back at some of our favourite products we unwrapped, and top of the list always came down to tech (here’s looking at you Apple). I was always so gentle in taking off the plastic and opening the box to find everything neatly in it’s place. Everything where it should be. And even though the extra accessories were cables or headphones, I still didn’t want to use anything as it sat lovingly in it’s case (I only just started using the charger from my iPod which I purchased 5 years ago).

That was the longevity I wanted to create in making our packaging. Something that felt high quality and that can display your pieces, but without breaking the budget. And something that felt just as precious and fun to open.

Even if you are buying for yourself, it should still feel as though you were receiving a gift. (sometimes that’s the best gift to get!)

Postcards from New York Winters

A snapshot of some fun had earlier this year. It has always been our dream to visit New York city in the winter to see the snow, and the city did not disappoint!

Ice Skating New York Winter Central Park
Ice Skating in New York City
Times Square New York City
Our first snow in Times Square – New York City
Central Park Snow Winter
The Gates to a Winter Wonderland (Central Park)
New York City  Snow
New York City Winter Wonderland
New York City  Snow
Concrete Jungle in the Snow
New York Brooklyn
Gossip Girl sites
New York from the Brooklyn bridge
The View of downtown – New York

Ahri Foxx: Beginnings


Our inspiration for our accessories came from our love for travel and frolicking (my new favourite word at the moment!) around the world. Spending just under 3 months on the road we were very aware of how important it was to be able to efficiently travel, yet not have to compromise on your personal style.

With these ideas in mind, we launched more jewellery pieces in an already existing etsy store, and but worked on creating micro collections of everyday wear limited pieces.

Not long after, with more reminiscing on our trip, we remembered how important it was to be able to pack as little as possible, but still have a practical way to utilise different pieces in your suitcase. This gave us time to focus more on going out, creating memories, and taking our all important camera was with us to take snapshots to remember for years to come. As such, we expanded to a bag collection. A set of limited pieces that creates ease and functionality, but also at an affordable price. What we love the most? We’ve created versatile camera bags that can actually carry your camera! You don’t have to worry about looking too touristy and can roam freely like a local. Some of our all round pieces can be used as a cross-body, backpack, clutch or all 3!

As we continue to grow, we are grateful for those who have already supported us!

Like out philosophy says: Be Adventurous,  Be Curious, Be Carefree.


The Obligatory Welcome!


Because being kind is cool, this is a very warm WELCOME to everyone reading this.

This is our blog section, where you will most likely find what goes on in my head, what inspires me and more. Keep an eye out here for our story…