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Ahri Foxx: Beginnings


Our inspiration for our accessories came from our love for travel and frolicking (my new favourite word at the moment!) around the world. Spending just under 3 months on the road we were very aware of how important it was to be able to efficiently travel, yet not have to compromise on your personal style.

With these ideas in mind, we launched more jewellery pieces in an already existing etsy store, and but worked on creating micro collections of everyday wear limited pieces.

Not long after, with more reminiscing on our trip, we remembered how important it was to be able to pack as little as possible, but still have a practical way to utilise different pieces in your suitcase. This gave us time to focus more on going out, creating memories, and taking our all important camera was with us to take snapshots to remember for years to come. As such, we expanded to a bag collection. A set of limited pieces that creates ease and functionality, but also at an affordable price. What we love the most? We’ve created versatile camera bags that can actually carry your camera! You don’t have to worry about looking too touristy and can roam freely like a local. Some of our all round pieces can be used as a cross-body, backpack, clutch or all 3!

As we continue to grow, we are grateful for those who have already supported us!

Like out philosophy says: Be Adventurous,  Be Curious, Be Carefree.


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